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OMS 622 Downloads (Click to Download)

OMS 622 Syllabus

"Critical Chain" Assignment Questions (.DOC)
Critical Chain Handouts (.PPT)

PowerPoint Slides for Chapters 1 & 2

PowerPoint Slides for Chapter 3

PowerPoint Slides for Chapters 4 & 5

PowerPoint Slides for Chapter 7

PowerPoint Slides for Chapter 11

PowerPoint Slides for Chapter 12

PowerPoint Slides for Chapter 14

PowerPoint Slides for Chapter 15

PowerPoint Slides for Chapter 17



The following is the timeline for OMS 622-Project Management Wednesday Progressive class:

May 9 - review of exam 1 (readings listed in the syllabus are not in the exam), ch. 11 and ch. 12 
May 16 - exam 1, ch. 14 and 22(these are very short chapters) 
May 23 - ch. 15, 17, and 19 (risk mgt is an important chapter, Critical chain hw is due) 
May 30 - MS project in the computer lab
(I will give you your MS Project homework, and give you MS Project handouts) 
June 6 - MS Project in computer lab (the hw is due) 
June 13 - Final exam (ch. 11,12,14,15,17 and 19, planning scheduling and risk management
dominate the exam coverage)

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